Please call us for current pricing. We quote in Canadian currency. Shipping quotes are available upon request.

Nucs come with 2 frames of brood and bees (approximately 3000 bees) 1 frame of honey and a foundation. Each nuc comes with a mated laying Buckfast queen.  We send instructions with each nuc purchased to help you get established.  You should have a honey crop of it the first year.

2023 Pricing $330.00

Queens are all from Buckfast lines and open mated.  We have several different mother lines.  We test each season and for hygienic and breed from overwintered queens that have the qualities we want. Gentleness, brood building, honey production and other characteristics.


Pick up.  We will give a discount of up to $5.00 a queen to a maximum of $100.00

1-10 $60.00

11-49 $55.00

50-99 $50.00

100 plus $45.00

Inquire about dealer pricing.

For USA orders, there will be brokerage and inspection fees and a veterinary certificate is included.

In August of 2019, all queens from Canada, including our Buckfast queens were restricted from being shipped into the USA. Prior to that, my business supplied a wide range of beekeeper clients throughout the USA. Through this we followed all requirements of the USDA working closely with the provincial apiary inspectors and veterinary export officers with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

When the border closed in 2019 we were assured it was only a temporary measure.  As of January 20023 we are working on getting this issue resolved.

The process of opening the US border to queen exports is with the USDA/APHIS. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

If you wish, you can arrange for pick-up.

Queen cells are available for pick-up only.



The Canadian Agricultural Partnership has a special program to diversify and build beekeeper business capacity that provides a grant of $30.00 per queen. To apply, go to Advancing Beekeeper Business Capacity at