Please call us for current pricing. We quote in Canadian currency. Shipping quotes are available upon request.

Nucs come with 2 frames of brood and bees (approximately 3000 bees) 1 frame of honey and a foundation. Each nuc comes with a mated laying Buckfast queen.  We send instructions with each nuc purchased to help you get established.  You should have a honey crop of it the first year.

Queens are all from Buckfast lines and open mated.  We have several different mother lines.  We test each season and for hygienic and breed from overwintered queens that have the qualities we want. Gentleness, brood building, honey production and other characteristics.

Price per mated queen is $55.00 for 2021.  Breeder quality are $700.00 when available.

For USA orders, there will be brokerage and inspection fees and a veterinary certificate is included.

Since August 2019 the boarder was closed to shipping.  We are hoping it would open.  If you are interested in queens please check with your local inspector to check the status..

If you wish, you can arrange for pick-up.

Queen cells are available for pick-up only.