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Ferguson Apiaries

 Bees were always an interest to Bill.

At 5, his aunt took him out to watch her look at a hive.  There were lots of bees and a few stings that day.  A few years later, after being stung while playing in the grass, he figured it was not such a big deal after all.


While still in high school in 1962, Bill became more interested in keeping bees. The following year, a friend and he bought packages from Chester Bee Supplies.

In 1967, Bill continued on the legacy of a local Apiary.

In 1968, he found his Queen bee, Rosemary, and soon followed some little worker bees. Now along with some grand baby-bees, the operation has grown.

buckfast queen

As our legacy continues, we look forward to your visits and enjoy hearing from you!

When you call or email, Bill or Rosemary or one of our staff will answer you personally.

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