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Creamed Honey
Spreads like butter at ordinary room temperature, and unlike liquid honey, it doesn’t drip. Creamed honey possesses a creamy texture because the crystallization process has been precisely controlled.
Clover Liquid Honey
A smooth, mild flavor and light golden color that’s sure to please.
Available in a convenient squeezables, choose either
1kg & 500 gr

or the ever popular

Honey Bear

Clover Liquid Honey

Also available in glass jars ,
in either 1kg or  500 gr




 Honey Mint!

If you haven’t tried this you’re in for a treat!
Soothe throats the natural way

An excellent throat soother which can be served by the spoonful or in hot water and taken as a refreshing warm beverage

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Buckwheat honey

Dark in colour and in flavour with malty tones and a lingering aftertaste. Darker honeys are considered to be higher in antioxidant compounds than lighter ones. Because of this characteristic, darker honeys also tend to be higher in mineral content.


Mustard & BBQ sauces

A delicious compliment to just about ANYTHING!!!


Honey Butter

A delicious favourite!

Available in our refrigerated section  in

Cinnamon & Plain

or enjoy seasonal varieties Like;
pumpkin pie, mixed berry or even Christmas cake flavours


Honey Pots & Honey Wands

We always get asked and YES!

we carry a variety of honey pots just for you

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