Creamed Honey
Creamed honey spreads like butter at ordinary room temperature, and unlike liquid honey, it doesn’t drip. Creamed honey possesses a creamy texture because the crystallization process has been precisely controlled.
store 0251 kg or 500 g
 Liquid Honey
A smooth, mild flavour and light golden colour that’s sure to please. Available in a convenient squeezables, choose either 1 kg or 500 g or the ever popular Honey Bear.
 Liquid Honey
Also available in glass jars, in either 1 kg or  500 g
 Honey Mint Throat Soother!
If you haven’t tried this, you’re in for a treat!

250 mL

Soothe throats the natural way

An excellent throat soother which can be served by the spoonful or in hot water and taken as a refreshing warm beverage.

Buckwheat Honey
store 026
Dark in colour and in flavour with malty tones and a lingering aftertaste. Darker honeys are considered to be higher in antioxidant compounds than lighter ones. Because of this characteristic, darker honeys also tend to be higher in mineral content.

Bulk Honey

Bring your own containers to fill with bulk creamed or liquid honey.
Honey Pots & Honey Wands
We always get asked and YES, we carry a variety of honey pots just for you!

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