History of Buckfast Stock


Buckfast Bees were originated in England by Brother Adam at Buckfast Abbey. In 1919 Brother Adam took over the breeding of bees. The key words in buckfast breeding is drone control.


  • Brother Adam was trying to make a strain of bee which was disease-resistant, a good honey producer, and gentle.
  • Brother Adam made extensive journeys all over the world to get breeding stock. His efforts were mainly focused on countries with distinct races of bees. Foremost he went to isolated country areas for pure native strains that had been maintained.(He even went as far as the Sahara)
  • The result and numerous years of work at the breeding station in Dartmoor ,was the Buckfast Bee.
  • Brother Adam resigned in 1988 at the age of 93. In 1996 he died and was in his 99th year.


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