• In 1967 Bill carried on the tradition of an Apiary established in 1880’s.
  • In early 1970’s he became displeased with the quality of queens he was buying. He started raising his own queens and learning about the genetics and possibilities of better queens.
  • 1988 was the last year he imported queens. At that point, they were being purchased from New Zealand and Australia. These bees had a higher swarming rate, were more aggressive and not as hygienic.
  • In early 1990’s Bill brought Buckfast stock into the operation. The change was immediately noticeable and he has never looked back.
The bees were quiet & not aggressive!!
They were gentle
Smaller winter clusters
Low tendency to swarm
Trachea mite tolerance is good
Hygienic tests have dramatically improved the quality since the first tests
  • Working along with other Buckfast breeders and the Ontario tech transfer team (bee girls), we have been able to maintain a high quality stock .
  • We continue to test the queens and our breeding hives. Doing this, we maintain the superior attributes expected by beekeepers who appreciate the quality of our queens .
  • The continual selection of breeder queens has caused the operation to maintain quality queens and genetics.

The luxury of having gentle bees to work with along with the other characteristics make beekeeping an enjoyable hobby or business.

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